Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 9:41 PM

Garden Variety / 'New Guitar Parts'

To give you all an idea of how much I loved Garden Variety as a naive teenager, when my second band (of four, proper) played a show in the summer of 1996, I wore a Garden Variety t-shirt and played a guitar emblazoned with a huge, homemade Garden Variety sticker. And we tried our damnedest (unsurprisingly) to sound like them as well. The very friendly folks from Dahlia Seed, who co-headlined the show and had earlier released a split 7" with GV, apparently took to referring to us as 'Garden Variety, Jr.'

I took it -- get this -- as a compliment. What the hell was wrong with me? Other than the fact that I just loved Garden Variety that much, I don't really know. What can I say? I was a silly kid.

As I grew up a bit, I realized that the Garden Variety, Jr. tag was really more a term of derision (albeit friendly derision... I think). I was never really as embarrassed as I think I might have been though, had we been referred to as 'Green Day, Jr.' or 'Sick of it All, Jr.' Even if we weren't that great at it, I'm still pretty proud that we threw in our lot with bands that went for a bit more than the cheap pop punk or shout-along hardcore that dominated the scene at the time.

And when I survey the 'emo' scene that grew up in the wake of bands like Garden Variety in the later nineties, I can't help but be impressed with the fact that their two full-length albums stand out as gems of the genre, such as it is. And in the years since, watching Roman break even more new ground by helping to bridge the now-smashed gap between punk and disco with Radio 4, I've been pretty proud to say 'I knew 'em when...'. Or at least 'I adored 'em when'.

This track, 'New Guitar Parts' made appearances on two releases that I know of. I got this from the 1996 Anti-Matter compilation CD put together by Norm Arenas of the outstanding Anti-Matter zine. While that disc is out of print, it seems that the other release this is on -- a split 7" with Jejune -- is not. So I urge you to pick it up if you're still vinyly inclined.

New Guitar Parts
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More info: Epitonic.com - Garden Variety
Gern Blandsten Records - Garden Variety

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate spammers. Garden variety was one of the best. I also appreciated bands like greensleep, jawbreaker, etc.

Are there any live shows or demos out there from garden variety?



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